Bibi’s Fixioflex technology is a game changing evolution from anatomical shoes, allowing your child to discover the world the way nature intended.

Fisioflex Double Velcro Sneakers - White/Grey
Comfy Double Velcro Sneakers - White
Energy Baby Slip-on Sneakers - Astral/Sugar/Rainbow
Roller 2.0 Slip-on Sneakers - Aqua/Navy
Fly Baby One Strap Sneakers - Black/Graphite
Fly Baby One Strap Sneakers - Naval/Black
ENERGY Baby Slip-on Sneakers - Naval/Black/Yellow Flour
Comfy Double Velcro Sneakers - Cherry Sugar
Roller 2.0 Slip-on Sneakers - Hot Pink
Roller 2.0 Slip-on Sneakers - Rainbow
Roller 2.0 Slip-on Sneakers - Cherry
Fly Baby Slip-on Sneakers - Print/Sugar
Fly Baby Double Velcro Sneakers - Hot Pink
Fly Baby Slip-on Sneakers - Graphite/Hot Pink
Fly Baby One Strap Sneakers - Cherry/Sugar
Fisioflex Double Velcro Sneakers - Sugar
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